CONTEST CLOSED Mother’s Day Giveaway Optimera Formula Facial Creams worth $188+

CONGRATS to Rebekkah! In honour of Mother’s Day we are giving away a set of Optimera 24-Hour Skincare Set ($188),  featuring the Age-Defying Day Cream and Age-Defying Night Cream. Start by applying the moisturizing day cream for a youthful, radiant glow all day long. After a long day, instead of applying multiple products, cleanse your face and apply the mask-like night cream, which will work its magic over night.

Set Includes: Age-Defying Day Cream, Optimera Formula Age-Defying Night Cream, Optimera

More information on Optimera

– Must be able to pick up from Kitsilano.

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Science is a beautiful thing – it can take an already great product and make it revolutionary. That’s definitely true in the case of Nerium International’s Optimera Formula.  Thanks to the addition of groundbreaking new anti-aging ingredient SIG-1273, skincare will never be the same. 

With 20 years of biomedical research behind it – and the creation of 1,272 preliminary molecules before it — ­ Princeton Professor of Molecular Biology Jeffry B. Stock, PhD has engineered an intelligent molecule with superior age-defying benefits that works on both the short-term and the long-term signs of aging….  And it’s now available only in Nerium International’s advanced Optimera Formula.

You may already be familiar with the ultra-effective Optimera Formula Day and Night Creams, but with the addition of SIG-1273 the new advanced Optimera Formula is even more powerful. Sig-1273 is a dual-action, patented molecule specifically designed to provide targeted antioxidant protection. This cutting-edge ingredient works in three key ways:

  • Addresses the signs of aging, as well as the underlying causes.
    • Acts as a powerful antioxidant and works to target free radical damage.
    • Mimics and boosts the skin’s natural age-fighting mechanism.

SIG-1273 (along with the patent-pending SAL-14™ botanical blend, along with other skin-boosting antioxidants, botanical extracts and vitamin E) is now a main ingredient in Nerium International’s advanced Optimera™ Formula, found in their Age-Defying Night Cream and Day Cream. With 30 days of use, the result is healthy, youthful-looking skin with a radiant glow. 

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IMG_9770 Offers Up Meal Deal For Mosaic

Have you been into the Hyatt Regency Hotel Vancouver of late? There are actually two great spots to dine, the more casual GRAIN in the hotel lobby and Mosaic Restaurant, merely an escalator ride away. Mosaic flies under the radar, but I’ve had some amazing meals there over the  years, prepared by a number of different chefs. I used to work across the street at 666 Burrard Street, so it was rather convenient. has a wicked $27 3-course dinner deal on now, so what better timing to check it out?

Chef Jo Ong was in when we visited and came out for visit to go over the dishes that are included in the package. She’s newish to the city, but has had no problem figuring out how to work with the local suppliers and the kitchen sources very close to home.


The White Asparagus Bisque comes topped with Parmesan and a crispy bread stick and it is rich, smooth, and has an ideal texture. I want to move to somewhere where I get white asparagus more often, as once a year doesn’t cut it, and this stuff wasn’t canned.


 The Earth Apple Farms Mixed Kale Salad came with a variety of mixed greens, both pickled and fresh radishes and a mild dressing with noticeable garlic scape flavour. Super fresh!


Braised Maple Ridge Farm Veal Cheeks are atop a lovely house made stinging Nettle Pasta, with asparagus tips, diced asparagus and a delightful morel cream sauce. This combination, although rich, was divine. There must be more veal checks served please, and now I am thinking about making these at home.


BC Bouillabaisse with Spring Salmon are accompanied Salt Spring mussels, manila clams, sugar snap pea, charred scallion, fennel, and new potatoes. This celebration of spring in a bowl was accented with fragrant saffron notes and the salmon was done just right.


Green Garlic Quinoa Risotto was served with some local fiddlehead, fava beans, green peas, watercress and topped with Parmesan. I am not entirely sold on the texture of quinoa in risotto and would have preferred a barley or rice as it was a tad too mushy for me. I did love the flavours, just want them carried on a different vehicle.


MOSAIC’s Signature Triple Layer Cake with fresh berries is rich and dense; a fine example of a great chocolate cake.


Maple Espresso Creme Brulee had the perfect bruleed top and a silky smooth custard bottom.

The service here is attentive, and as the lights go down, the view out over Burrard and down into the inlet in worthy of observation, so get a window seat. This is an excellent deal, don’t miss it.

MOSAIC BAR & GRILLE 655 Burrard St., Vancouver
 For Just $27
  1. Your choice of appie:
    • “Earth Apple Farms Mixed Kale”, radishes, garlic scape dressing
    • “White Asparagus Bisque”, parmesan lavash
  2. Your choice of entree:
    • “Braised Maple Ridge Farm Veal Cheeks with Stinging Nettle Pasta”, asparagus tips, morel cream sauce
    • “BC Bouillabaisse with Spring Salmon”, salt spring mussels, manila clams, sugar snap pea, charred scallion, fennel, new potatoes
    • “Green Garlic Quinoa Risotto”, fiddlehead ferns, fava beans, green peas, watercress
  3. Your choice of dessert:
    • “Maple Espresso Creme Brulee”, dark chocolate bark
    • “MOSAIC’s Signature Triple Layer Cake”, fresh berries

Want to add wine pairings to your meal for $25/person? Check out the options here and advise MOSAIC staff when you order!





Vancouver and Kelowna GARAGISTE Wine Parties

Smallguys_GaragisteNORTH_Logo_2014 (3) copy

JOIN THE GARAGISTE WINE PARTY!  In 2015 the coolest winemakers are hitting are the road! Festivals scheduled in Vancouver & Kelowna!

After the huge success of their inaugural SOLD OUT Festival last September at Meyer Family Vineyards in Okanagan Falls, Garagiste North has planned two Festivals this year! The first of its kind in Canada, ‘Garagiste North’ (The Small Guys Wine Festival), celebrates the artisan winemaker creating commercially produced small case lot wines (under 2000 cases). An eclectic gang, they are a blend of passion and experience, new and old, the cult and the boutique, the virtual and custom crush—all gathered in one spot.

Meet the winemakers – taste their exclusive wines, chat about their vineyards and celebrate the art of winemaking. Garagiste North Wine Festivals offer a unique and intimate opportunity to experience the true passion of the winemaker and his/her craft.


June 27th Vancouver at Wise Hall! 2-4 pm (Trade tasting 12:30-2pm)

$49 includes awesome wine tastings, food truck schnacks by Roaming Dragon & cool music by Chicken Like Birds.

Tickets on Eventbrite: Click HERE to buy!

September 27th Kelowna at Laurel Packinghouse 2-4p pm (Trade tasting 12:30-2)

$49 includes awesome wine tastings, food truck schnacks by Roxy’s Diner & cool music by Slap Dog Four.

Tickets on Eventbrite: Click HERE to buy!

For more information on events, our rockstar winemakers, and how to JOIN THE WINE PARTY (the coolest wine club ever) go to:

GARAGISTE – (gar-uh-jist-uh) noun, Fr. : The garagiste originally refers to a group of winemakers in the Bordeaux region of France, producing “vins de garage” or “garage wine”. They were renegade small-lot winemakers, sometimes working in their garage, who refused to follow industry laws and protocol. synonyms: Rebels, pioneers, renegades, individualists, mavericks, driven by passion.

For more information please contact Jennifer Schell 250-469-4549


Mother’s Day Gifts Take Two

Well, I dished on some good foodie gifts, but I thought I needed to do one more guide on what to give Mom’s to help them escape from the kitchen as well, just in case your Mom should want to!


Jeweliette Jewelry double sided Pearl Earings! Modeled here by one of our fav stylists, Nadia Albano. Love all their fantastic jewels. Visit them on Hornby near Helmcken before your next event and sparkle!


Saje Ultrasonic Nebulizer $69.95 Add a splash of chic to any home with this ultra stylish and fun unit. Reduce dust and other common allergens while creating a pleasing atmosphere of aromatherapy.  I have one and love it! baths

For the Love of Baths Bubble Bath Blocks. Clean her bathroom, light some candles and draw her a bath with one of these amazing blocks.



With Manito Silk Sleepware she’ll be sure to get a good night’s sleep.


Merino Wool Athletic Wear for the active Mom! $69


Optimera 24-Hour Skincare Set ($188) Featuring the Age-Defying Day Cream and Age-Defying Night Cream, this gift set allows for a full facial treatment. Mom will start her morning by applying the moisturizing day cream for a youthful, radiant glow all day long. After a long day, instead of applying multiple products, she’ll cleanse her face and apply the mask-like night cream, which will work its magic over night before she has to prepare for another busy day.

Avocados of Mexico

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Avocado and Tilapia Fish Tacos

Today we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo here with perhaps a margarita or two, some fish tacos and of course Avocados from Mexico are in the mix. They are on sale at IGA at the moment for 99 cents as a bonus, and you’ll find this Ocean Wise Tilapia we use there too! While many think May 5 is to celebrate Mexican Independence day (Sept. 16) , it is actually to commemorate the Mexican army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. There’s your bit of history for the day, now go mix yourself a margarita and make these tacos.  Thanks to our consulting chef, Michael Smith, who’s also my boyfriend, for making these twice this week so I could get some good pictures.


As we’ve been experimenting with best ways to peel and slice the avocado, we’ve discovered our new knife, a ceramic one from Epicure is the bomb! I highly recommend you check out their products.


Michael’s pickles are the best and he used them for these tacos. When I refer to Chef Michael Smith please know I mean the Vancouver chef and my partner, not the tall PEI one with the cookbooks. Although we are a fan of his too, he is not the one who lives with me! We’ve only met once, in fact.

First make…..Michael’s Pickles

Don’t be too picky about what you put in here, switch up the veggies, add other fruits and use whatever oil and vinegar, lemon, lime, etc. you have on hand. Vinegar/acid is always 1/3 the amount of oil. Don’t mess with that ratio!

1 carrot
1 small fennel bulb
1 stalk celery
1 small leek white park only
1 red pepper
1 small mango

Julienne all

1/2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp fresh cracked pepper
1 Tbsp avocado oil
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
Sprinkle of fresh herbs such as cilantro, parsley or basil

guac mix epicure
1 Tbsp Epicure Guacamole Mix – if you have on hand. This is also awesome for guacamole of course!

Add to veggie mix, toss all together and let marinate for at least an hour. It’ll keep for a week if you cover it properly.


For the tacos – For 2 – double or triple if you like

Corn Tortillas
1 MEXICAN Avocado sliced
2 Tilapia Filets (oceanwise – we bought ours from IGA to be sure)
Olive Oil for the pan
1 Tbsp Epicure Guac Mix
Pinch salt and a twist or two of fresh black pepper



Cut fish into thirds or quarters, dip in the Epicure guacamole mix, mixed in with the salt and pepper and fry in olive oil for about 2 mins per side, depending on thickness.




In separate pan fry corn tortillas for 1 min per side in olive oil remove from pan, top with pickles, avocado and fish, roll up and enjoy!

Margarita recipe

Lime margaritas

GOOD tequila (2 oz), triple sec (1 oz), fresh lime or lemon juice (2 oz), lime wedge, sugar or salt.
Mix everything and shake, shake, shake with lots of ice. Salt rim, pour in chilled glass and garnish with lime.

*Please note that I am the Western Canadian Ambassador for Mexican Avocados and am being compensated to help bring you avocado news. However, we would eat avocados everyday even if we were not paid to do so!


Mothers Day Gifts For Food Loving Moms


It’s time to treat your Mama right this mother’s day. While you may not want her to spend any time in the kitchen on that special day, she’s certainly going to want to get in their quickly once you give her one of these amazing foodie gifts.

From the top left to right:

1) All-Clad Copper Core 2Qt Saucepan SALE $179.95 at Cookworks.

2) The Beasty Box from Urban Digs is a “nose to tail” butchery box. We source locally produced meat from small scale farms like our own that practice sustainable farming methods. $175

3) Northern Divine Caviar 

4) Epicure Mini Baker$17 – grab a set of 6-8

5) Lost Inhibitions Wine from Church and State – because even your mother has to let her guard down sometimes!

6) New Roots Cookbook – Inspired Plant Based Recipes

7) Preserves from Vista D’Oro 

8) Tea from The Urban Tea Merchant

9) Millifera Bees Honey local honey

10) Weber Grills new Weber Q 1200

11) Moe’s Home Collection Ring 3 Tier Pedestal Stand $75

Yew Wine Dinner

YEW Celebrates the City’s Vibrant Food & Wine Culture with Intimate “Six Sommelier Collaboration Dinner ”on May 20

YEW seafood + bar Wine Director, Emily Walker is bringing together six of the city’s most talented sommeliers to do what they do best – pair amazing wines with exceptional cuisine to the delight of our guests. Throughout the evening guests will experience a variety of wine regions, styles and expressions – expertly and personally prepared with thoughtful dishes from a one-on-one collaboration with Executive Chef Ned Bell. This is an exciting opportunity for guests to experience the passion and personality of each participating sommelier.

Guests will experience a six-course dinner filled with original wine selections representing the sometimes quirky and eclectic palates of these talented sommeliers, who delight in uncovering exclusive, hard-to-find, and simply special wines. Tickets are $295 inclusive of tax and gratuity and can be purchased by clicking here.

Sommelier Line Up:

Emily Walker – YEW, Wine Director
Steven Lane – YEW, Sommelier
Jason Yamasaki – Chambar, Wine Director (2015 Sommelier of the year)
Mike Bernardo – Vij’s Group, Wine Director (2014 Sommelier of the year)
Sally Campa – Vino Volo, Wine Director
Lisa Haley – Boulevard, Wine Director

Hester Creek Winery Dinner French Table May 5, 2015


Join the French Table and Hester Creek Estate Winery from the beautiful Golden Mile Bench.  The price for the menu is $125.00 including tax but not service.

Tuesday May 5th, 2015 Hester Creek Estate Winery

Reception from 6:00 to 6:30pm with Hester Creek Pinot Blanc Dinner at 6.30


Trebbiano – New Vintage: Smoked ahi tuna tartar, avocado sesame salsa, apple chips.

Rose – Cabernet Franc: Spot prawn ceviche, crispy spot prawn head on watermelon and jicama salad.

Cabernet Franc Block 3 Reserve: Seared pheasant breast on wild mushrooms, bread pudding, Madeira sauce.

Reserve Merlot: Cheese Selection

Alpine gold from Farmhouse Agassiz
Tiger blue  from Poplar grove Okanagan
Lady Jane from Farmhouse Agassiz

Late Harvest Pinot Blanc: White wine poached pears with white chocolate parfait.

3916 Main St.
(corner of Main & 23rd)
Vancouver, B.C V5V 3P2

Call: 604.689.3237


Miku Restaurant introduces modern take on traditional Japanese Kaiseki

Miku is not only delicious, but also artistic. Thenew Japanese multi-course dining at Coal Harbour’s Miku Restaurant (70-200 Granville Street, Granville Square) introduces three Kaiseki-inspired menus. Considered an art form, Kaiseki combines meticulous preparation, beautiful presentation, and an air of mystery in one memorable meal.


Balancing taste, texture and appearance, Miku’s three Kaiseki options, Shokai ($68), Kaisen ($88) and Aburi ($118), are served on handcrafted Japanese Arita plates meant to enrich the presentation by tying in to its seasonal theme. The Aburi menu, which requires 72-hours notice, specifically explores a variety of global flavours that go beyond Miku’s signature menu items.

An experience that is as surprising as it is fun; guests begin the Kaiseki experience by opening up the Arita-plated first course (Kaiseki Zenzai) to enjoy something new and igniting their palates for what is to come. Guests can expect unique dishes such as scallops with yuzu puttanesca, kaisen temari, and beef carpaccio with jalapeno-garlic ponzu.

The Arita plates were selected to complement Miku’s dishes because of their bold colours, asymmetrical design, and use of high-quality Japanese porcelain. Named after the founding town, the plates assist in telling the Kaiseki story.

For more information, please visit

Miku Restaurant | 70-200 Granville Street, Granville Square (Canada Place Way and Howe Street | Twitter: @mikurestaurant | Instagram: @AburiRestaurants | Facebook: /mikurestaurant

About Aburi Restaurants Canada Ltd.
“I don’t just want a business, but want to create a culture and a community.” – Seigo Nakamura

Seigo Nakamura, owner of the Tora Corporation in Japan, is the visionary behind Aburi Restaurants’ Miku, Minami, and Gyoza Bar. His unique concepts and business strategies have led to the creation of Aburi style cuisine and the Ningenmi philosophy. A trendsetter in all aspects, Seigo is never happy with settling for the norm. His unique twist on Aburi cuisine was created over a decade ago, by fusing the idea of traditional Japanese flame-searing with the decadent and creamy sauces of French cuisine. With a new cuisine in mind, he set out to introduce Ningenmi and the idea of Omotonashi service in the western world.

Literally translated ‘the human flavour,’ Ningenmi is a Japanese term used to refer a person with outstanding humanly qualities: sincere, thoughtful and passionate.
Media Contact:
Sophia Cheng


Notturno Launches New Food And Cocktail Menus

Some delicious news from Notturno in gastown! On Friday, May 1 Notturno be launching our new food and cocktail menus. New additions include the introduction of The Long Board – a daily assortment of terrines, pates, seafood and other delicious treats, as well as an homage to spring – Risotto Milanese with onion cream and ramp butter.

Also new this month are four cocktails for adventure enthusiasts…or just cocktail enthusiasts…or just people who like tasty beverages. For the lightsaber-wielding cocktail aficionado we offer H’s May The Firth Be With You. As an ode to our friends south of the border, we’ve got the Diamondback and Asesino de Burro. And finally, the Trade Routes Punch – we think that one’s pretty self-explanatory.

For those of you who’ve been following our Monthly Wine Dinner Series – we’re excited to announce that next up is the Napa/Sonoma region on Monday, May 25. Menu details and pricing coming soon. With only 10 seats available for this dinner, tickets will sell out fast, so call us today to reserve your spot.

And now for a bit of housekeeping – Bill and H will be in New York on May 15 to the 20th attending various cocktail seminars and workshops (read: bars). They’ll be tweeting and instagramming throughout the trip, so make sure to follow them @NotturnoGastown. While they’re away, you’ll be in the very capable hands of Ben DeChamplain, who will be manning the bar. Other items to note, we’ll be closed on Tuesday, May 19, reopening on Wednesday, May 20.

•Pane Bello and Serego Alighieri extra virgin olive oil, maldon salt
•Warm Castelvetrano olives, extra virgin olive oil, cracked chili, maldon salt
•Sous-vide local BC octopus, cannellini beans, fennel salad
•Pork and veal polpette, San Marzano tomato sauce, pecorino cheese
•Veal Tonnato (Carpaccio style), local smoked tuna, bagna cauda foam
•Risotto Milanese with onion cream and ramp butter
•Feature pasta (please ask for details)
•Burrata (choice of):
~ Straight up: Serego Alighieri extra virgin olive oil, maldon salt, cracked pepper
~ Tomatoes, shallots, fried bread, micro herbs, white wine vinaigrette
~ Italian black truffle
•Salumi and cheese board with accoutrements
•The Long Board: Daily assortment of terrines, pates, seafood and accoutrements

•Felice – Grappa, lemon peel and coffee bean essence, Cinzano Rosso vermouth,
red wine reduction and white truffle syrup, Aphrodite bitters

•May The Firth Be With You – Blended Scotch whisky, Jedi blue syrup, lemon juice, egg whites and a Jedi lightsaber garnish
(Created by H at Notturno, 2014)

•Diamondback – American rye whiskey, apple brandy, green chartreuse
(Ted Saucier’s Bottoms Up, 1951)

•Asesino de Burro – Pineapple and spice Pisco, green chartreuse, lime, sugar, Angostura bitters and ginger beer
(Created by Ben DeChamplain at UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar, 2015)

•Trade Routes Punch – Tequila reposado, Mezcal, Benedictine, yerba mate syrup, lime and