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Like most other Vancouverites housing prices dictate that we live in a rather small space meaning gardening for us is just a patio and our community garden. This year we got a bit of a late start to prettying up the patio, but there’s still time for you to add a few plants and pretty up your living spaces.

This first photo is our basil and a few plants my partner Michael picked up as an awesome present for me. I like potted plants way better than cut flavours. Thanks love!

We recently added a few plants we picked up at Presidents Choice garden center as well. Their planters are priced well and there is great information on the plant tags as to how much sun the plants need. Be sure to read it and buy accordingly.

As our patio is rather sunny (we face west) we picked up the following on our latest shopping spree:

Sweet Georgia Heart Red

Sweet Georgia Heart Red


Petunia double Madness Mix

cha-ching cherry

Cha-Ching Cherry


Confetti Garden Beyond the Sea

stained glassworks luminesce

Stained Glassworks luminesce

calibrachoa hybrid

Calibrachoa Hybrid


PC Gigantice Deluxe Planter


Final Result. Max does not come from President’s Choice and I’m not sure how he got there, but he is a wild thing after all. The lamp and bookcase Ikea, and we had the ivy and the all the other planters except the two brown ones already. The framed plants are from By Nature Design.

If you’d like to start or add to a patio garden of your own do remember these key points:

1) Light – Make sure your plants are made for the light you have – check those tags!

2) Drainage – Make sure plants have drainage so they don’t drown. Add holes in pots it there isn’t sufficient drainage.

3) Plant Feed – They do need food as well as water. We use President’s Choice Magic-Grow.

4) Don’t be scared to cut back dying parts of your plants so that the healthy parts may live.

5) Repot when plants are getting crowded – you can divide some plants into two pots too.

6) Use lots of potting soil, not gravel or filler.

7) Water frequently

8) Plant herbs together and use organic fertilizer on things you eat.

Here’s a fun resource for container gardening for food too!

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