Selfology Head Spa

Sometimes your whole body needs the spa, and sometimes it’s just your head. We are always worrying about how our hair looks, but often overlook the actual scalp. At SELFOLOGY, on South Granville, the team is addressing the scalp itself, in addition to your hair and the rest of you, with a specific scalp treatment.

The Selfology Hairstyling & Scalp Detox Head Spa is a 90 minute treatment with a head massage and treatment with a specific oil that addresses the source of healthy hair, the scalp.


This salon is one of my favourite places to be, just walking in relaxes me, and this particular treatment completely recharged my scalp and in the days after my hair was in far less dry, with more shine and curl. Love the Selfology Head Spa treatment!

The thirty minute scalp massage is done with Rene Furterer Complex 5 oil, a botanical formula formulated with pure essential oils of orange and lavender, and a regenerating plant extract. This “head spa” massage and detox improves the circulation in the scalp and relaxes those tired muscles in the face and neck, lifting the skin.

The hair massage is followed by a shampoo and very deep conditioner and then a cut and style of your choice.

Selfology Spa Salon

Selfology also offers everything from full body massage, to amazing hair colour and cuts. This is an exceptional spa and one I’ll be returning to, hopefully soon.

Additional treatments I’ve experienced can be viewed on this site too.


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