Selfology Spa Does Exceptional Hair

“The Best You in The Best World” is the mantra of Selfology Spa, located conveniently near my Kitsilano home at 16th and Granville. I certainly do feel so much better each time I visit. Aren’t we all working on being our best, even if we forget to think of ourselves and our mental and physical health some of the time? So many things pull and tug me away from being my best!

I’ve been spoiled at Selfology Spa in the past and would return their weekly, or more, if I could. I’ve had an amazing Seaflora facial and lymphatic detox massage, a firming and slimming facial and scalp massage, and an renewing seaweed body wrap. The last time I was in I was envious of the hair clients, as they left with their shiny and colourful new hair! Since mine has been straight black for far too long, I decided to go in for a change.

There are a number of hair stylists, including Mia (check her work out on facebook) and the lovely Kei who took care of me for the many hours it took to transform my look into something pretty darn spectacular.

Selfology goes behind a hair style, by combining Hair Art , Hair Wellness, and wholeperson Spa wellness; they remind us to think of the scalp as the other skin we might be ignoring.  The focus of this spa  is to be a Cultural, Natural, Holistic, and Artful place.

two tarts

The Café next to the spa (Two Tarts) is a healthy and delicious way to fuel up and they’ll happily feed you should you need a snack. Being the best, after all, starts with what you do, and do not, put in your body.


After we went over my goals and what I am capable of keeping up once I leave the spa/salon. I reclined in the massage chairs for a scalp treatment and shampoo.


My transformation included a cut, colour and then straightening treatment. Afterwards Jessica, the spa owner, also did my make up.

I think the before and after pretty much tells you how talented this crew is! It’s been a month since I’ve been in (I’ve been in a writing funk – more about that another time).


I’ve now just retouched the roots and my hairs still looking fab! Thanks Kei, Peter and Jessica for all the encouragement along my journey. If you are smart, you’ll also make them part of yours!


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